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Автор: brainmort   
13.02.2011 01:41

Подготовка к  8-й конференции KSGSC (Молодежная ассоциация корееведения в Европе): 13-15 сентября в Париже

Call for Papers

8TH Korean Studies Graduate Students Convention (KSGSC) in Europe:
Paris, France 13-15 September 2011

The KSGSC committee is pleased to announce the 8th convention for
graduate students, hosted by the Centre de Recherches sur la Corйe (EHESS), the Centre d’Йtudes Corйennes (INALCO) and the Korean Section of the INALCO. The conference aims to give graduate students in all Korea-related fields an opportunity to present their research, share academic interests, and strengthen ties with other junior scholars. This convention follows on the back of successful previous conventions at Ruhr University, Bochum (2004), SOAS, London (2005), the Oriental Institute, Prague (2006), Edinburgh University (2007), Leiden University (2008), Moscow State University (2009) and Babes-Bolyai University (2010). The convention is organized by the KSGSC committee and is funded by the Korea Foundation, under the umbrella of the Association for Korean Studies in Europe (AKSE).

Venue and Dates
Venue: Maison de l’Asie, Paris
Dates: 13th-15th September 2010

12th September Arrival and registration
13th September Convention all day
14th September Convention all day
15th September Convention in morning (finished by 2pm)

Eligibility and Support

Eligible Applicants: MA students, PhD students, and post-docs who have received their PhD in the last two years. The conference is open to applicants from outside Europe but preference in the selection process will be given to students studying at European universities.
Accommodation and Meals: Accommodation (twin room) and meals (three breakfasts, three lunches and at least one dinner) will be provided to all accepted participants
Transport: Accepted participants from within Europe (i.e. who are based at a university in Europe) will be offered a transport grant of approximately 120 Euros. Please note that this is not a confirmed amount and may vary. Unfortunately, due to the restricted budget, we are not able to offer grants to participants from outside Europe. Participants are encouraged to seek financial support from their own universities.
*PLEASE NOTE: Participants who wish to receive a grant will have to send their ticket and/or receipt by June 10th.

Presentations and Papers
All successful applicants will be expected to give a 30 minute presentation (20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Q&A). All participants will have to submit their full paper (5-7 pages) by July 1st.

Application and Submission of Abstracts
Applicants should submit the following information by e-mail to ksgsc2011@gmail.com:
1) your full name as you would like it to appear in the abstract booklet
2) contact info (e-mail and telephone)
3) major area of study (region and discipline)
4) title of your paper
5) one-page (500 words max.) abstract in print-ready format, including your name and institution

Application Period
The deadline for applications is April 1st 2011.
We will contact all applicants by the end of April regarding the acceptance of their application.

Cancelling your Participation
We would like to receive applications only from those who are definitely able to attend the convention. Please bear in mind that applicants who confirm and then later cancel their participation potentially deprive others of the chance of attending and lead to waste of KSGSC resources.
*Please note that any participants who cancel after June 15th will be liable to pay the hotel expenses and may be restricted from attending future KSGSC conferences.

Organizer contact details:
e-mail: ksgsc2011@gmail.com (The KSGSC committee)


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