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Mathematics education in DPRKorea

Всё, чем хотите поделиться, узнать и обсудить о КНДР

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Mathematics education in DPRKorea

Сообщение LuisMaravi » Вс июн 21, 2020 9:34 pm

Good morning everyone.

I am researching on Mathematics Education in DPR Korea, especially Statistics Education. I had started to write some drafts, when this post was published which strengthened my decision: ... thematics/

In my work, I would like to start from the reviewing of some aspects of educational policies until material directly linked to my topic. Could you show me if there are articles or books on topics mentioned, please?
I am a Spanish speaker, but I try to communicate in English and I can understand a little bit of Russian. For these reasons, I welcome all your suggestions.
Thank you for your answers. Regards from Perú!
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