Фильм “Tiger Spirit”
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17 апр 2009 12:24
Korean-Canadian director Min Sook Lee’s search for both the real and symbolic “Tiger Spirit” of Korea leads her on an amazing journey along the Koreas’ border where she encounters a wild-eyed tiger hunter, a courageous woman who defected from the North years ago, a young bus guide whose job it is to shuttle workers across the DMZ border everyday, and many hopeful families dreaming of the day they can once again see their lost loved ones. With unprecedented access and never before seen footage of North Korea’s industrial zone and state-sanctioned reunification centers, Lee brings us an emotion-charged journey into Korea’s broken heart, exploring the rhetoric and realism of reunification through the extraordinary stories of ordinary families.

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  • alkinsv
  • Сообщений: 1248
14 мая 2009 00:21
Первый просмотр фильма в Новосибирске состоится 20 мая в НГУ.
Ауд. 235 в 19.30
28 мая 2009 13:05
Если что, в фэйсбуке появилась группа посвященная фильму:

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29 мая 2009 16:10
"Tiger spirit" is a good film for those, who are interested in Korea. The main subject is Korean separation and how it have influenced on people. In this film the problem of Korean unification is presented not just as a historical fact, but as a fact somehow reflected on the human`s life. The political and economical aspects of this problem are well-known. That`s why it is interesting to see another side of the problem, which is connected with a personal history of life.
Watching this film, it is impossible to be just a spectator, to stay insensible. I felt sad for these people and something like a hopeless. It`s quite predictable, that most of their relatives are already died and even not, they can`t meet each other (except of few minutes), they haven`t got a topic for a talking. They are separated too. They were influenced by the difficulties of 50-s, their lives were broke down. They are not guilty, but they are punished.
The contradiction between the government and the personal life is essential for all the time. There is always something to discuss, and, unhappily, this problem can be illustrated by a various of examples. The Korean separation is one of these examples.
The idea of the tiger seems to me something, which is not included in the main plot of the film. It`s not like "in", it`s like "above". It`s interesting, that Koreans believe, that the only power, which can unite the two Koreas, is the tiger, of which existence they are even not assured.
30 мая 2009 10:20
Ага, смотрели фильм, и вот какие мысли он навеял у меня. Пишу на английском, чтобы интернациональной публике было удобней воспринимать.

Few weeks ago i saw this film with my classmates. And now i wish to share

impressions. Divided Koreas on 38 parallels have many disagreements to

this day. And problems pute in a film are actual till now. This film give us

the huge contribution to understanding of processes between these two

states. Authors of a film show to us that these problems they not where

have not got to, they round us and it is not necessary to close on them

eyes. But authors of a film do not do at the end any conclusions and

forecasts concerning the permission of the given problems. Probably it

because not to impose the point of view and to give to everyone looked the

right to draw a conclusion independently. I liked such approach and a

manner of creation of a film.

30 мая 2009 13:13
Статья Т. Габрусенко про тигра в Корее: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="vestnik.kr/article/3535.html">vestnik.kr/article/3535.html
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